C: 45 terms


It is the communication of the customers with the companies via phone. Calls initiated by the customer to the call center are called “Inbound Call” and the unit that meets these calls is called the “Inbound” …

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Call Back

When the intensity of the calls coming to the call center / contact center increases, the customers who do not want to wait for a long time can choose to get called back by the customer representatives through Interactive …

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Call Time

It is the period from the moment the customers reach the customer representative until the process is completed and the phone is turned off.


Service channels are the touch-points where companies interact with their customers to offer products / services and meet their needs. Like the Call Center / Contact Center, Branches, Stores or Digital Channels. Channels also consist of interaction and touch-points. For example, …

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Channel Experience

In Customer Experience Management, journey-based management and channel-based management are two different perspectives that feed each other. In channel-based experience management, companies focus on the channels from where customers receive services and try to improve the experience there with customer-oriented goals …

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It is a robot designed to provide the information and/or transaction results that customers need with the help of artificial intelligence (See Machine Learning). Especially with the increase in the use of digital channels, the number of companies …

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Churn is when a customer stops using your company’s product or service during a certain time frame. Companies started forming teams of people dealing with the prevention of churn. These teams try to keep the …

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Churn Rate

Abbreviation: CR Churn rate is a metric that is calculated by dividing the number of churned customers by the total number of remaining customers. In order for companies to grow and increase the number of their customers, it is …

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Close the Loop

Abbreviation: CtL Closing the loop means to follow up on and/or close out an area of discussion. Measuring the customer experience and getting feedback is very important in terms of seeing the problems and development areas in the processes. Many …

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