Glossary: 196 terms


It refers to the information, insights, issues, and input shared by the customers about their experiences with your company, product, or services. In order to know how the products/services offered are perceived by the customer and what improvements …

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First Contact

It is the first point of contact between the customer and the company. Calls made by customers to the call center are called first level. If the customer’s need cannot be met or the problem …

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First Contact Resolution

Abbreviation: FCR It refers to the situation where the customers get their problems solved in the first contact with the company. First Contact Resolution Rate is one of the important metrics tracked in the customer experience.

First Response Time

Abbreviation: FRT It is the time from the moment the request is received from the customers to the moment it’s answered. Nowadays, when the concept of speed is very important, this period should be tracked …

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Focus Group

Abbreviation: FG Focus group work is a qualitative research method. It refers to a group of selected people who participate in a facilitated discussion intended to elicit consumer perceptions and learn about the in-depth opinions (See In-depth Interview) …

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Abbreviation: FL Frontline employees are employees who directly interact with customers. In cases where the knowledge and authority levels (See Governance Model) are not sufficient, the customer can refer to the second level employees. It is …

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